Election results

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As many of you know, I came up just short in my race for the Pennsylvania State House. It was a disappointing loss in a very close race-- the unofficial numbers show that Steve Barrar won 51% to 49%. I lost by just under 900 votes.

A loss is a loss, but it's important to understand what 49% means. Many of you may not realize how gerrymandered the 160th District is to favor Republicans.

Democrats make up just 33% of registered voters in the district. And I received 49% of the votes.

Let that sink in. This was the closest race this District has ever seen. I'm proud of the campaign we ran. And as importantly, I'm grateful for the support I had from the thousands of people who made donations, knocked on doors, wrote postcards, made phone calls, and so much more. Quite simply, this race would not have been competitive without your help. Thank you.

P.S. Here are some pictures from Election Day.


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