Common Sense Gun Control

We are all concerned about the continued increase in gun violence in our nation. What many may not realize is that many gun regulations are determined in Harrisburg.

Gun violence is a complex issue and there is no one solution. However, I believe we must come together to pass common sense regulations in areas where there is clear agreement as to a sensible path forward.

One example is having a pre-purchase background check before every gun purchase. Currently, in Pennsylvania, a resident of any age can purchase a rifle, including a semi-automatic rifle, through a private purchase with no background check. I am in favor of closing this loophole. Surveys show over 80% of Americans, including gun owners, agree. It is critical that our current representative support a key position held by so many of our citizens.

Another necessary change is to demand a ban on civilian purchase or possession of rapid-firing, semi-automatic assault weapons that were used in Parkland's and too many other mass shootings. These weapons were designed for soldiers to kill as many people as possible, in as little time as possible. The carnage and human suffering they have caused when unleashed on innocent civilians is unacceptable. They have no legitimate role in civilian life.

After the expiration of the federal ban on assault weapons in 2004 and the failure to renew it by Congress, it now falls upon the states to pass sensible laws to prohibit these deadly weapons. I will take the leadership to find common sense solutions and pass legislation to provide sensible regulations.