Fiscal Responsibility

For years, Pennsylvania has faced continued budget battles that have as their origin, the structural deficit in the state's budget. Constitutionally, Pennsylvania must have a balanced budget, a fact Republicans in the legislature have used to avoid making tough decisions and doing what is right for all of us.

Fiscal responsibility means addressing the budget deficit both now and in the future by making strategic investments in programs and policies to increase economic growth that provide for a brighter future.

True fiscal responsibility and making smart investments in our future should be our top priority, and I will work to make sure that the state's budget reflects those priorities and addresses the budget deficit in a way that makes sense.

My priority as your representative will be budgeting to build a brighter future for our community and our Commonwealth.

The fuzzy accounting and short sighted spending cuts proposed by Republicans to address the deficit will only hurt Pennsylvania and increase the deficit in the long term.

Budget shortfalls occur when the revenue generated by taxes on economic output fail to meet the state's financial obligations. Republicans have repeatedly proposed cutting services, pulling back on strategic investments and cutting taxes on corporations and the very wealthy as ways to address the deficit. Quite simply, these approaches make no sense. In the long term, these cuts will decrease economic production, cause growth to stagnate, and raise the deficit. As growth stagnates and the deficit continues to grow, Pennsylvania taxpayers will be left holding the bag.

I will fight for taxpayers and for a brighter future for our Commonwealth by being a tireless advocate for sensible, strategic investments that create jobs and grow the economy while increasing economic output so that we can balance the budget and address the deficit in a way that is truly fiscally responsible.

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