Letter to editor: Pa. Needs Common Sense Gun Laws

Daily Local News

I cannot imagine the grief of those whose children and loved ones were killed at Parkland High School. I express my sincere condolences for their losses. But with this type of tragedy, repeated so many times across our country, we must ask ourselves, "What can we do as a nation to move forward?" What do I tell my ten-year-old daughter when, upon hearing the news, she looks into my eyes, pleading for reassurance this will never happen again? We must find a way to prevent another such tragedy.

I know we are all concerned about the level of gun violence in our nation. What you may not realize is that many gun regulations for Pennsylvania are determined in Harrisburg.

Gun violence is a complex issue and there is no one solution. However, I believe we should come together to pass common sense regulation in areas where there is clear agreement as to a sensible path forward.